marți, 10 ianuarie 2012

Rebecca knew it was almost time. The long flight was nearly over and outside the green and yellow Italian landscape was just as she had imagined ­ both foreign and inviting. This beautiful Mediterranean scene inspired her imagination and she began to wander.
She was in her late thirties and had just come out of a lengthy, monogamous, and passionless relationship and was finally keeping a lifelong promise to herself by visiting the Eternal City. She had never made the trip with Robert, her boyfriend of most of the past 10 years, because with him business trips, making money, and software developments were more important than sex with his winsome girlfriend. It wasn¹t for a lack of trying on her part. Rebecca, attractive and very sexual, had been endlessly creative in her futile attempts to get Robert interested in the pleasures of a healthy sex life. “Maybe we could try phone sex when you are out of town,” was an early suggestion. “Or, we could try shaving my bush with some hot pussy licking afterward.” “Maybe, even something really out there like anal beads or rubber play.” Robert thought phone sex was for kids and anal sex and anything rubber for perverts. During many of his extended out of town business trips Rebecca had little more than her blue jelly vibe and an active imagination to keep her company. But all of that was behind her now. She was about to land in Rome.horny hot sluts
Rebecca would be staying with Carlo, the son of a old college friend, who arrived just on time to pick her up. With a native to guide her to the Spanish steps, the Sistine Chapel, and the Coliseum this was sure to be the most exciting three weeks of her life.horny hot sluts
Carlo looked about 25, with dark and curly shoulder length locks, olive skin, and gun metal blue eyes. He was slightly in need of a haircut and was wearing black ­ as Rebecca was soon to discover, the virtual signature clothing color of young Roman men. After a wild ride through the midday chaos, past the wet hanging laundry and the national monuments Europeans so curiously place in the middle of city streets, they were in front of Carlo¹s building.
Once inside his bright little 3rd floor apartment, Carlo showed Rebecca his place. His taste leaned towered mid-century modern and the main room was dominated by a big window which looked down on the colorful and noisy Roman streets below. “What would you like to drink Rebecca?” “Oh, anything cool will do.” When Carlo went into the little kitchen Rebecca took a closer look at the pile of books next to the coffee table, which had briefly caught her eye during his abridged tour. Their covers, like she had thought, showed cute young women – almost naked. “Carlo looks at these?” Rebecca could not help picking one up and flipping through it. “Oh my goodness!,” she said under her breath. The women all looked sort of wholesome and arty, not like the teased hair and manicured bimbos in pink lace and white high heels she thought she would find. horny hot sluts They were not beautiful, they were cute, sensual, and impish. There where pages of photos by Eric Kroll, Roy Stuart, and Richard Kern showing women with hair cut in youthful brunette bobs and strawberry blond curls, their panties simple cotton or red rubber, their pert breasts in leather bras, and their pubic hair thick and unshaven. Some had a tuft of hair growing freely under their arms and one picture even showed a woman with stringy wet hair wearing torn black hose peeing through them in the shower. In other pictures there were two women, first in their undies and then a page or two later, naked and intertwined in each others arms! Rebecca knew about these kinds of books but she had never really looked at one.horny hot sluts
She got so wrapped up in the scenes of perky titted rubber clad waifs that she hadn¹t even noticed Carlo had returned from the little kitchen with two bottles of Italian soda. “You like this books Rebecca?” “Of course not,” she protested, tossing them down. “Don¹t be embarrassed, most women like this pictures just as much as we do”. “Well, I was justŠ.,” stumbled Rebecca. “This girls, they are pretty, no?,” interrupted Carlo. “All people thinks pretty girls are sexy,” he continued. “Is Okay they make you feel sexy too Rebecca.” Carlo¹s frankness was so new to her. She was used to American men with their clumsy moves and beat around the bush way of speaking. This guy was not even totally fluent in English and he had a confidence and attitude that really made her loosen up, even with his overtly sexual horny slut
Carlo handed Rebecca a bottle of fizzy orange liquid and sat down right next to her. After a mutual swig he leaned back and said “So, Rebecca, which girl do you like the best?” Again, his eyes trained on hers. This time she froze. Carlo¹s face was only a few inches from hers. She sort of stuttered, “Ah, the one with the red hair isŠ..” Just then Carlo reached his hands to the side of her increasingly flush face and started to kiss her. Rebecca was visibly startled. “No, Carlo, pleaseŠ.” “Rebecca, you are just as lovely as this women in this books, don¹t you know that?” With any other guy that would have seemed like a line but he really meant it. Again, he embraced her, this time touching her soft ass. Her resistance, though still evident, started to wane. “No Carlo, this is going too fast, I don¹t reallyŠ…” “I mean, I really” Again Rebecca stopped in mid-sentence. Carlo¹s hands moved confidently up to her soft porcelain tits and he was already pushing his strong upper thigh into her acquiescent love zone. Any resistance she had had was now almost babes and horny sluts
Carlo unbuttoned Rebecca¹s slightly disheveled dress, peeled her floral bra down, and began kneading her creamy 34C tits like cookie dough. Her whole chest was pink and hot and smelled like rosy body oil. After 10 years of clumsy and unimaginative sex Rebecca started to feel a strong lust deep inside and finally made her first assertive move, pulling his face to hers and kissing him forcefully. He tasted salty and hot as her tongue probed his mouth. She could feel his hard cock pressing through his pants into her fleshy upper thighs. That, and his rhythmic tit stroking, made her long frustrated pussy gush with slippery feminine moisture. His hands were all over her now. She was breathing more and more rapidly, giving in to her pent up desire.  Now, only a thin layer of flower printed white cotton separated Carlo¹s probing fingers from the bull¹s eye. Rebecca, let out a quiet moan and slowly gave in to his efforts to part her legs.horny hot slut
She began wiggling her curvy ass, pushing into his assertive hands, while she unconsciously pawed at his strong back. He was rubbing her swollen clitoris through the wet cotton and her hips were grinding up and down faster and faster. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his big, rigid cock. In her always efficient way, she eased her lips around the end of Carlo¹s tool while her hands started pounding with all their might. He pulled her jumbled panties down and wasted no time lifting her ass and pushing his face right into her wet sex trench. Robert had always been squeamish about going “down there” but thankfully Carlo pushed hard with his stretched out tongue, repeatedly exploring her pussy from bottom to top, perfectly in sink with her increasingly bobbing hips. She tasted wet and musky as he glided through her thick brown horny slut
He rolled on his back and guided Rebecca on top, pulling her smooth ass down so her lenient pussy met his primed cock. She felt hot and wet, like he was fucking a narrow cavern of melting butter. Rebecca whispered “Oh Carlo,” as she started pulsating up and down on his steel shaft. Carlo grabbed her bouncing hips and watched her puffy soft tits jiggle as he fucked her with all his youthful might. All of Rebecca¹s friends had told her how great sex would be with a younger man but this was better, much slut
After Rebecca rode Carlo to the verge of climaxing he repositioned her on her side and, from behind, guided her hand in a rolling motion over her enlarged nub. She could feel his hot panting breath on the back of her neck. Then suddenly, he started to guide his slippery pole into her pinhole tight bottom. “Just touch youself Rebecca,” he instructed with comforting assurance. Rebecca, immersed in wet pleasure, was loose and willing. First the round tip, then after a slightly painful push, the rest of Carlo¹s big wet shaft invaded her almost impenetrable little butthole. Rebecca let out a shrill. After the initial resistance her tense back opening started to feel free and extremely pleasant. Carlo began to pound her relaxing ass faster and faster. And just as fast, Rebecca was stroking her wet clit.  He started to make a loud moaning sound as each thrust got harder and deeper. And when he knew he couldn¹t hold on any more, “Madonna Suprema!,” yelled Carlo in primal Italian ecstasy. Rebecca, too, started to feel an earthquake between her trembling thighs. horny sluts Just that second-Carlo still pushing his last anal trusts-Rebecca felt her first real orgasm. Waves of intense, shuddering pleasure rippled from deep in her womb all the way to her outer pussy. Quietly, almost whimpering, she let out, “Oh yes, oh fuck yes!” Carlo, yelled “Bravo, Bellissima, molto buono!” Rebecca pushed harder into her fleshy button until she folded, hot and wet, into Carlo¹s body.